5 Questions 5 Minutes Josh Neumann

5 Questions in 5 Minutes: Officer Josh Neumann

Officer Josh Neumann

We sat down with our Foley Police Department to ask 5 questions in 5 minutes. Here’s what Officer Jason Abbott had to say.

1. What motivated you to become a police officer?

“My motivation for becoming a police officer comes from my desire to solve problems, think critically, meet with people, and work through interesting, challenging circumstances. In Foley, I get to do all of this at a pace that allows me a personal approach to each call.”

2. What is your favorite thing about being a police officer in Foley?

“What I like most about serving as a police officer in Foley is the impact each call can have on the community. Because we are a small town, I know the efforts our police place into each call have a big ‘ripple effect’, and I hope to make this effect positive.”

3. What is one thing you wish people knew about being a police officer in a small town?

“If I could tell everyone one thing about being a police officer in a small town, it’s that we don’t all sound like the police officers in the movie, “Fargo.” Do we enjoy a brisk winter morning though? You betcha.”

4. What do you like to do in your spare time?

“When I’m not working, I enjoy mechanics, music, mountain and trail biking, and writing. All of the above are paired with a cup of light roast coffee.”

5. High fives or fist bumps?

“There’s something a little more satisfying about a crisp high five, but a fist bump is cooler.”