5 Questions 5 Minutes Musachio

5 Questions in 5 Minutes: Councilmember Rosalie Musachio

We sat down with our Councilmembers to ask them 5 questions in 5 minutes. Here’s what Councilmember Rosalie Musachio had to say.

Councilmember Rosalie Musachio, 2019 – 2022

1. What is your favorite thing about living in Foley?

The pleasant size of our community.

2. What motivated you to get involved with city government?

I want to contribute to the decision making process in city government.

3. What is the one thing you wish people knew about Foley?

Foley is a great place to work and play.

4. What do you believe is the most pressing issue facing the City Council in 2019?

The most important issue is long-term planning to ensure a healthy and thriving community in the future.

5. How awesome are the people that work at the City of Foley?

a. Extremely Awesome
b. Extraordinarily Awesome
c. Uniquely Awesome