Fence Ordinance

Fence Ordinance

Subdivision 1: PURPOSE

Fence OrdinanceThe purpose of this Section is to regulate fences in the City, to prevent fences being erected that would be a hazard to the public, or an unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of neighboring property and are compatible with existing land uses and other zoning restrictions.

Subdivision 2: FENCE PERMIT

  1. Permit. No person may construct, erect or cause to be constructed or erected any Fence within the City without first obtaining a Fence permit from the City Building Inspector.
  2. Application. Every Fence permit application must contain a plot plan clearly describing the proposed Fence’s type, location, construction materials, height, proximity to lot lines, anchoring methods and any other information the Building Inspector reasonably requires.
  3. Fee. Each applicant must pay a Fence permit fee the City Council establishes by resolution.

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