Welcome to the City of Foley…a Minnesota thriving rural community!

City of Foley has a strong economic base, a convenient and accessible location, education system, numerous recreational activities and a quality of life, based on traditional values.





Welcome Sign Design Voting Through Oct. 15
Voting is now open for the Welcome Sign designs! Stop by the Foley Library and vote in person, or vote now at the link below. Each design has two versions (one for the east side of town and the other for the west side). Voting ends Oct. 15.

Public Works Asks Residents to Voluntarily Conserve Water During Drought
Due to the extremely dry conditions this summer, the City of Foley is asking residents to voluntarily begin conserving water immediately to help our water reserves.

Public Works is monitoring our wells very closely and has implemented water reduction (conservation) measures to keep usage within the levels requested by the Department of Natural Resources.

With your help and voluntary conservation efforts, we are confident we can keep our wells at sustainable levels.
Here’s what you can do to help:
• Limit lawn irrigation to no more than twice a week.

• Limit unnecessary vehicle washing.

We may have to implement a watering ban (e.g. odd/even watering days based on your house number) in the near future.
Your help and cooperation is very much appreciated! We’ll continue to monitor the situation and provide more information as conditions change.


Wastewater Project Construction Begins
The City of Foley officially broke ground on the Wastewater project in early June. The City of Foley is regionalizing their wastewater system with the City of St. Cloud. The improvements include two regionalization lift stations, rehabilitation of two existing city lift stations, force main, sanitary sewer, and other minor improvements.
You can read more about the Wastewater Project on our update page. You can also signup for updates to be delivered directly to your email box.

Sump Pump Water Discharge

To avoid creating water and/or ice hazards for pedestrians and motorists, residents are requested to move sump pump discharge hoses away from sidewalks and roadways so water drains onto your lawn or yard.

To prevent water from pooling on properties and creating a nuisance for neighbors, it is also recommended residents move their discharge hoses frequently so the water can be absorbed faster into the soil.

The City of Foley Code of Ordinances Section 1100 defines a public nuisance as anything that endangers the public safety. This includes anything that interferes with, obstructs, or renders dangerous for passage, any public highway or right-of-way, or waters used by the public.

For more information: Please contact Foley City Hall at 320-968-7260.

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