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City of Foley

City of Foley has a strong economic base, a convenient and accessible location, education system, numerous recreational activities and a quality of life, based on traditional values.


Foley City Council Election Projected Results
Here are the projected results for Foley’s City Council election. The results of yesterday’s election will not be official until Nov. 13 when canvassing occurs. Jack Brosh is unofficially the winner by write-in for the special election City Council seat.






Minnesota Safe Routes to School: Foley, Minnesota, Wins 2018 Walk to School Day Photo Contest

For more information: 2018 Contest Winners


The City of Foley Needs you! Board Positions Available Jan. 1, 2019
As of January 1, 2019, there will be positions available on various City boards. The terms of these positions vary from one to four years.  Anyone interested in being considered for appointment or with questions, please contact City Hall at 320-968-7260, or P.O. Box 709, Foley, MN  56329.









Road Closures for Street Grading
Beginning Thursday, Oct. 18, the following streets will be closed to traffic and parking while construction crews grade the roads to prepare for paving.

  • 2nd Avenue
  • 3rd Avenue
  • Dewey Street
  • Gopher Street

These streets will remain closed until further notice.





Seasonal Water System Maintenance May Cause Temporary Water Discoloration
Foley Public Works will be flushing the city water system this fall as part of routine maintenance of the water system. If you encounter discolored water during this period, you can run the cold, unsoftened tap for a few minutes to clear it up. The discoloration is not harmful to humans or animals. The color change is due to water sitting in the larger mains and the iron settles out. The sediment sits on the bottom of the main until the water flow is increased. The flushing process stirs up the sedimentation in the pipe and the water turns black or brown. This process also cleans out the stagnated water in the mains that have little water usage. If you have any questions, please call Foley Public Works at 320-968-4082.



Safe Routes to School
The City of Foley is kicking off our Safe Routes to School planning efforts! The city received a Planning Assistance grant from MnDOT earlier this year to help convene a team, prioritize strategies, and identify solutions.

Minnesota Safe Routes to School is an effort to improve walking and bicycling conditions for our youth and encourage more active lifestyles. Read more about how you can participate on our Safe Routes to School page.




Dewey Street, 2nd Avenue, 3rd Avenue, and Gopher Avenue Road Construction Project
Road work began on Gopher Street June 1. The crews then headed over to 3rd and John Street. Limited access is available to residents. Thank you for your patience!

For more information on our 2018 Road Construction Project, read our Project Update Newsletters on our Road Construction Project page. The September 2018 issue is now available.


Foley City Council Votes to Raise Water/Sewer Rates and Fees for 2018
The Foley City Council voted unanimously during their Nov. 7 council meeting to raise the city water/sewer rates for 2018. The new 2018 rates are roughly the equivalent of a 5% increase over 2017 rates. Foley residents will see an increase to their minimum water/sewer bill from $79.29 to $83.49.

Rates are effective upon publication, Jan. 1, 2018. Foley residents will see the new rates reflected in their first quarter 2018 water/sewer utility bills scheduled to arrive in mailboxes in April 2018. Late fees for water/sewer bills will also increase from $10.00 to $25.00 per quarter. To see the official press release and increases to the City Fee Schedule, click on the press release below.

For more information: Foley City Council Votes to Raise Water/Sewer Rates and Fees for 2018 (Nov. 9, 2017)






Automatic Withdrawal Payment Option

Beginning in January 2018, a new payment option will be available for your water/sewer utility service. The new option will allow you to pay your water bill directly from a checking or savings account through automatic withdrawal.

To set up the direct payment option, please print out the form below and mail to City Hall along with a voided check/deposit slip.

Please Note:

  • Automatic withdrawal customers will still receive copies of their water/sewer bill in the mail every quarter.
  • The bill will be clearly marked with the message, “DO NOT PAY – DIRECT PAYMENT.”
  • Please remember to update your account records to show you have paid your bill.











Sump Pump Water Discharge
Residents are requested to move sump pump discharge hoses away from sidewalks and roadways to the edge of road right-of-way, so water drains onto your lawn or yard.

To prevent water from pooling on properties and creating a nuisance for neighbors, it is recommended residents move their discharge hoses frequently so the water can be absorbed faster into the soil.

The City of Foley Code of Ordinances Section 1100 defines a public nuisance as anything that endangers the public safety. This includes anything that interferes with, obstructs, or renders dangerous for passage, any public highway or right-of-way, or waters used by the public.

For more information, please contact Foley City Hall at 320-968-7260.




City of Foley One-Time Dog Licenses Available at City Hall
Foley residents are required to purchase a $20.00 one-time dog license that is good for the life of the dog.

The City of Foley offers a $20 one-time dog license that is good for the life of the dog.

  • Dog license is a one-time $20 fee for the lifetime of the dog.
  • License tags can be transferred to another dog for a $15 fee.
  • Lost tags can be replaced for a $5 fee.
  • No dog shall be permitted to run at large within City Limits.
  • Dogs are required to be on a leash or under control at all times.
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog.
  • Owners are responsible for keeping dog up-to-date on rabies vaccination.
  • Owners are responsible for updating their contact information.

Proof of current rabies vaccination is required at the time of issuing license. The new ordinance was passed at the March 7, 2017, City Council Meeting.



MN 23 Crash Reduction Project UpdateFoley MN Police Department
Benton and Mille Lacs Counties – Law Enforcement are conducting extra patrol efforts with the goal of reducing fatal crashes on Highway 23 in both counties. Involved in the enforcement project are Benton County Sheriff’s Department, Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Department, Foley Police Department, Milaca Police Department and the Minnesota State Patrol.

For more information: MN 23 Crash Reduction Project Update (Feb. 24, 2017) ; WCCO Interview with Chief McMillin and Sheriff Heck




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