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City of Foley has a strong economic base, a convenient and accessible location, education system, numerous recreational activities and a quality of life, based on traditional values.


Instructions from Republic Services on Garbage/Recycling can pick up
Attention, Foley Friends! Please take note of these important instructions from Republic Services. Many customers have already received these instructions in a robo-call from Republic Services on June 13. Residents will also receive a letter in the mail from Jim’s Mille Lacs Disposal.
  • On June 17, keep you recycling carts out at the curb, after we collect the material, and we will be back that day to remove the cart. Drop off for Jim’s Mille Lacs recycle cans will begin on June 18.
  • On June 24, keep you trash carts out at the curb, after collection, and we will be back that day to remove the cart.
It’s important that you keep your carts out for removal on those dates to avoid any potential removal fees.

If you did not receive the robo-call from Republic Services about the change in garbage service, it is mostly likely because you did not provide a phone number when you set up your account.

Here’s the full message from Republic Services:
“This is an important message from Republic Services, your trash and recycling provider. As you may be aware, the Foley City Council has chosen a new waste provider. Republic’s last recycling pick up is Monday, June 17 and the last trash pick-up is Monday, June 24. On June 17, keep you recycling carts out at the curb, after we collect the material, and we will be back that day to remove the cart. On June 24, keep you trash carts out at the curb, after collection, and we will be back that day to remove the cart. It’s important that you keep your carts out for removal on those dates to avoid any potential removal fees. It’s been our pleasure serving you and all the residents of Foley for the past 5 years. Thank you.”
For more information: Jim’s Mille Lacs Service Letter

Winter Sewer Rate Error – Apology from City Hall

On Monday, June 10, City Hall staff discovered an error with the Winter Sewer Rate in the June water/sewer bill that was mailed out last Friday. While the bills calculated correctly with the locked-in winter sewer rate, the system used the December 2023 sewer usage (January meter read) and not the January sewer usage (February sewer read) as planned. This has caused many of you to have a higher or lower lock-in rate than you originally expected. And a higher or lower June bill.


We are very sorry for this error and the confusion and frustration this has caused. Staff is actively working to correct the problem, but it may take a few weeks before we can fully resolve it.

For more information: Winter Sewer Rate Error


Façade Improvement Program for Downtown Businesses
The City of Foley has created a Façade Improvement Grant Program to help stimulate external, visible investment in our downtown corridor business district.

The new pilot program will provide a 1:1 matching grant for actual design and construction costs of up to $5,000 per property. Property owners and business owners are encouraged to consider improvements that incorporate the surrounding community including but not limited to aesthetics, environment, cultural and historic elements, and architecture. These improvements should create a cohesive attractive environment with surrounding properties.

  • Matching grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded to property owners and/or business tenants (with property owner approval).
  • Qualifying projects will require design approval from the City of Foley’s Economic Development Authority (EDA).
  • Eligible businesses must be in the downtown corridor (see map).
  • All work must be done on the building exterior and result in visible improvement as determined by the EDA.
  • Approvable projects include exterior building and landscape improvements visible from the public right-of-way.

The Façade Improvement Program offers a great opportunity to help revitalize and beautify our downtown business corridor! Interested property owners and/or businesses should apply as soon as possible. Eligible Projects will be approved as long as funds remain available.

For more Information:

Public Hearing Notice: Xcel Energy Gas Rate Increase Proposal
Xcel Energy has asked the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for permission to increase its natural gas rates by $59.03 million, or approximately 9.6%. Xcel Energy’s last request for an increase to natural gas rates was in 2021.

Xcel Energy’s Administrative Law Judge Suzanne Todnem will hold six in-person public hearings and two virtual public hearings so that customers have an opportunity to comment on their request. Any Xcel Energy customer or other person may attend or provide comments at the hearings.

You are invited to comment on the adequacy and quality of Xcel Energy’s service, the level of rates, or other related matters. You do not need to be represented by an attorney. The hearings will begin at their scheduled time and adjourn after everyone present has had an opportunity to comment or ask questions.

Xcel Energy Rate Increase 2024

For more information on public hearing dates, times, and locations: Minnesota Natural Gas Rate Proposal

Housing Study and Presentation 2023
A comprehensive needs analysis for Benton County, Minnesota. The study project housing demand from 2022 – 2035 and provides recommendations on the amount and type of housing that could be built in Benton County and the individual submarkets to satisfy demand from current and future residents over the next decade and beyond.

Office of the County Assessor Assessment Notices

Wastewater Project Update December 2023
The city’s Wastewater Regionalization project that began in 2022 is
nearing completion. Here’s a look at the history of wastewater in Foley and why the city chose to begin this project.

For more information: Wastewater Project Update December 2023

City Council passes Winter Sewer Rate for the summer of 2024
Great news for gardeners and residents who like a green lawn! The Foley City Council has approved the Winter Sewer Rate for
residential properties beginning in the summer of 2024.

In the past, the city has always calculated sewer charges based on water usage. This can increase costs considerably in the summer months for residents who participate in summer activities such as watering lawns and gardens. The new Winter Sewer rate will allow residents to enjoy these summer activities without seeing a spike in their summer sewer charges. The city hopes this change will be more budget friendly to residents during the summer months.

Residents will be locked into a sewer rate for the months of May, June, July, and August based on their January usage shown on their February bill.

For more information: Winter Sewer Rate 2024







Welcome Signs Project Update!
The results are in! Here’s the winning concept for the new Foley welcome signs! Special thanks to the residents who voted for their favorite design, the Central Minnesota Arts Board (CMAB), the artists for their wonderful creations, and for everyone who has worked so hard to make this project happen. Stay tuned for more updates!



Wastewater Project Construction Begins
The City of Foley officially broke ground on the Wastewater project in early June. The City of Foley is regionalizing their wastewater system with the City of St. Cloud. The improvements include two regionalization lift stations, rehabilitation of two existing city lift stations, force main, sanitary sewer, and other minor improvements.
You can read more about the Wastewater Project on our update page. You can also signup for updates to be delivered directly to your email box.

Sump Pump Water Discharge

To avoid creating water and/or ice hazards for pedestrians and motorists, residents are requested to move sump pump discharge hoses away from sidewalks and roadways so water drains onto your lawn or yard.

To prevent water from pooling on properties and creating a nuisance for neighbors, it is also recommended residents move their discharge hoses frequently so the water can be absorbed faster into the soil.

The City of Foley Code of Ordinances Section 1100 defines a public nuisance as anything that endangers the public safety. This includes anything that interferes with, obstructs, or renders dangerous for passage, any public highway or right-of-way, or waters used by the public.

For more information: Please contact Foley City Hall at 320-968-7260.

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