Water and Sewer

Foley MN Water and Sewer Water and sewer charges shall be billed together. Bills shall be mailed to the customers quarterly and shall specify the water consumed and the
sewer and water charges.

The charge for residential and other sanitary sewage use shall be based upon the quantity of water used upon and in the premises connected to said sanitary sewer system. Usage shall be measured by meters. The property owner is responsible for reading the meter every quarter and turning this meter reading into City Hall. Residents who fail to read their meter will be assessed a fee. The owner shall be liable for water supplied to his property, whether he is occupying the property or not and any charges unpaid shall be a lien upon the property.

All charges for water and sewer services shall be due on the quarterly due date, that is stamped on the billing and shall be delinquent 30 days thereafter. In any case, where satisfactory arrangements for payment have not been made, the maintenance department may discontinue service to the delinquent customer by shutting off the water at the stop box. When water services to any premise have been discontinued, service shall not be restored except upon payment of all delinquent bills including assessed connection fees of $100.

Automatic Withdrawal Payment Option

Beginning in January 2018, a new payment option will be available for your water/sewer utility service. The new option will allow you to pay your water bill directly from a checking or savings account through automatic withdrawal.

To set up the direct payment option, please print out the form below and mail to City Hall along with a voided check/deposit slip.

Please Note:

  • Automatic withdrawal customers will still receive copies of their water/sewer bill in the mail every month.
  • The bill will be clearly marked with the message, “DO NOT PAY – DIRECT PAYMENT.”
  • Funds transfer will occur on the 25th day of every month.
  • Please remember to update your account records to show you have paid your bill.