Gilmanton – Joint Planning Board

Gilmanton – Joint Planning Board

Orderly Annexation Area

The Joint Planning Board was formed when the City of Foley signed an Orderly Annexation Agreement with Gilmanton Township. The board consists of four annually appointed members – two from the township and two from the city. The purpose of the board is to work together to administer land use controls within the Joint Planning area.

Meetings shall be held on an as-needed bases when zoning requests are received or when either the City or the Township request a meeting. Every effort will be made to conduct Joint Planning Board meetings at the Town Hall and on the same day as Town Board meetings.

Gilmanton Town Hall
8475 105th Avenue NE
Foley, MN 56329

Board Members

  • Doug Lezer – Gilmanton Township
  • Scott Baron – Gilmanton Township
  • Gary Swanson – City of Foley
  • Jeff Gondeck – City of Foley


For more information: Orderly Annexation and Joint Planning Agreement – Gilmantown Twp (March 19, 2021)


Meeting Packets

06-01-21 Gilmanton – Joint Planning Board
08-03-21 Gilmanton – Joint Planning Board
11-02-21 Gilmanton – Joint Planning Board
12-07-21 Gilmanton – Joint Planning Board

Zoning Ordinances
The Orderly Annexation Area (OAA) follows city zoning and the majority of the area is zoned A-1. Any zoning code revisions to the OAA are identified below. Please contact City Hall staff for more details on the orderly annexation zoning code and application process.

Permit Applications