Zoning Regulations and Building Inspections

Pursuant to the authority conferred by the State of Minnesota in Section 462.357, as amended, and for the purpose of promoting and protecting the public health, safety and general welfare of the residents of the City; securing the most appropriate use of land; protecting and preserving the physical character, social and economic stability of residential, commercial, industrial and other use areas; preventing the overcrowding of the land and undue congestion; providing adequate light, air and reasonable access; facilitating adequate and economical provisions of transportation, water supply, sewage disposal and planning for recreational facilities and public requirements the City of Foley has established the Foley Zoning Ordinance.

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This ordinance sets minimum and maximum standards for the height and size of buildings, the size of yards, courts and other open spaces, the density of population, the location and use of buildings and land for trade, commerce, industry, residence and other purposes; creating districts for said purposes and establishing the boundaries thereof; providing for changes in regulations, restrictions and boundaries of such districts; defining certain terms used herein; providing for enforcement and administration, and imposing penalties for the violation of this ordinance.

No structure, fence or sign may be erected, converted, enlarged, moved, demolished, reconstructed or altered without first obtaining a permit and no structure or land may be used for any purpose nor in any manner which is not in conformity with the provisions of City Ordinance. This Ordinance applies to all of the areas within the corporate limits of the City of Foley. The city building inspector will issue a permit only after determining that the building plans, together with the application, comply with all city ordinances. If the building code does not require a building permit, a permit must still be obtained to ensure compliance with setback, height and use restrictions and city ordinance.

Building permits are required for any new construction, remodeling, building relocation, siding, roofing, driveways, signs, decks and fences. Building permit application forms are available here or may be obtained at City Hall. The permit fee shall be based on the valuation of the project determined by the Building Inspector. All permits are issued by the City Building Inspector, AllSpec Services, Nancy J. Scott, Certified Building Official. To schedule an appointment contact Nancy at 320-293-5298.