Building Official

Building Official

Foley MN Building OfficialThe City of Foley contracts for building inspections services including rental property inspections, building plan review and building, mechanical and plumbing inspection with:

AllSpec Services, LLC
Nancy J. Scott
Certified Building Official
14562 Ronneby Road NE
Foley, MN 56329

Phone: (320) 293-5298
Fax: (320) 387-2703

AllSpec Services reviews plans, issues permits and conducts inspections under the requirements and guidelines of the MN State Building Code as adopted by the Commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry and the International Property Maintenance Code as adopted by the International Code Council to ensure that public safety and health standards related to building construction are maintained for the general welfare of the community. This provides for a safer community for all citizens through proper construction methods and also provides for enhanced neighborhood livability and property values.

Frequently Requested Building Ordinances

Building Inspection

No structure, fence or sign may be erected, converted, enlarged, moved, demolished, reconstructed or altered without first obtaining a Permit, and no structure or land may be used for any purpose nor in any manner which is not in conformity with the provisions of City Ordinance. The Building Inspector will issue a Permit only after determining that the building plans, together with the application, comply with City Ordinance. If the Building Code does not require a Building Permit, a Permit must still be obtained to ensure compliance with setback, height and use restrictions and City Ordinance.

Building permits are required for any new construction, remodeling, building relocation, siding, roofing, driveways, signs, decks and fences. More information is available in the city ordinances found here.

Building permit applications are available at City Hall. The permit fee shall be based on the valuation of the project determined by the Building Inspector. All permits are issued by the Building Inspector, Nancy Scott, who meets by appointment. To schedule an appointment contact Nancy Scott, 320-293-5298.