Future Land Use Plan

Foley Future Land Use Plan

The City of Foley is expected to add 300 to 800 new residents and 120 to 325 new households by the year 2040. Most of this growth will likely occur after investments are made to the City’s Wastewater Treatment Facility. This includes a pipe that will run from Foley to the regional treatment facility in St. Cloud. The project will address aging infrastructure needs, while adding capacity for future development. The project is currently on track for construction to start late summer or fall of 2021 with completion in 2022.

We recognize the City has the potential to grow and that property owners have an interest in developing their land. These development interests have led to an Orderly Annexation Agreement (OAA) between the City of Foley and Gilmanton Township. Property owners located in the OAA will have the option to develop their land by connecting to city services if they are available. This presents a unique opportunity for the City and Township to plan for growth accordingly and to determine what the community needs to thrive as a great place to live, work, and play.

To help answer these questions, the City commissioned a land use study to determine how to achieve preferred land use patterns (developments) that align with our values. This study is being led by the consultant group HKGi. The study will result in a future land use plan that helps guide development and growth over the next 20 years, while finding opportunities to strengthen our existing neighborhoods and businesses. The study will occur over a six month planning process and is anticipated to conclude in August/September of 2021.

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HKGi has also developed an online mapping tool that allows residents to comment on the draft land use plan map.

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