Planning & Community Development

Planning & Community Development

Housing Study and Presentation 2023

A comprehensive needs analysis for Benton County, Minnesota. The study project housing demand from 2022 – 2035 and provides recommendations on the amount and type of housing that could be built in Benton County and the individual submarkets to satisfy demand from current and future residents over the next decade and beyond.

Community Vision Plan for Downtown Redevelopment and Pedestrian Connections

In 2013, the City of Foley partnered with the Initiative Foundation to participate in the Thriving Communities Program. As part of this program, the Thriving Communities Committee organized and led the process to develop a series of long-term goals such as improve quality and life and revitalize the community. The result was the Foley Community Vision Plan for Downtown Redevelopment and Pedestrian Connections.

A Pedestrian Plan for the City of Foley

The goal of the pedestrian plan is to identify specific bike and pedestrian routes, connectivity to existing trails, and recommendations for safety improvements throughout the City of Foley

A Downtown Plan for the City of Foley

The goal of the downtown plan is to create a vision for the downtown based on existing conditions and identifying opportunities to enhance downtown for two closely related topics – economic development potential and the experiential quality of citizens and visitors.

You can learn more about the project by reading the full report above or the following excerpts:

Comprehensive Plan for the City of Foley

The Community Vision Plan falls under our Comprehensive Plan for the City of Foley. A comprehensive plan is an expression of the community’s vision for the future and a strategic map to reach that vision. Comprehensive planning is not mandatory in cities outside the seven-county metropolitan area. However, comprehensive planning is an important tool for cities to guide future development of land to ensure a safe, pleasant, and economical environment for residential, commercial, industrial, and public activities.