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Police Department


Foley Police Department



Foley MN Police DepartmentThe Foley Police Department is responsible for public safety and shall perform all city law enforcement within the City to protect life, safeguard property and maintain peace and order in the City through enforcement of laws and ordinances.

All licensed peace officers are authorized to issue compliance letters, parking tickets, and administrative citations for violations of the City Code and shall perform law enforcement duties.

Contact the Department for general public safety issues, non-emergency information on police reports, City Code violations, firearm applications, and parking regulations.

Phone: 320-968-0800
(If phone not answered, please contact the Sheriff’s Department: 320-968-7201)

Dispatching services handled through the Benton County Sheriff’s Department or http://www.co.benton.mn.us/County_Sheriff/index.php.

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In an emergency, please dial 911.