Road Construction Project

Dewey Street, 2nd Avenue, 3rd Avenue, and Gopher Avenue
Road Construction Project


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The road construction project consists of the City of Foley, Benton County, SEH, and Kuechle Underground, Inc. SEH is the municipal engineering firm working with the City of Foley and will serve as the contact between the contractors and the residents/businesses in the project area.

The Dewey Street, 2nd Avenue, 3rd Avenue, and Gopher Avenue Improvements:

  • Street re-construction
  • Replacing water mains
  • Replacing sanitary sewer mains
  • Replacing sewer and water services from the mains in the street to the right-of-way line or approximately 5-8 feet from the building faces in the downtown area
  • Replacing and extending the storm sewer system
  • Replacing the sidewalks throughout (note that downtown area will have sloped concrete adjacent to the curb similar to the 2016 4th Avenue North project
  • Adding decorative street lighting on Dewey Street from 3rd Avenue to Broadway Avenue.

Broadway Avenue Sidewalk Improvements:

  • New concrete sidewalks on the east side of Broadway from Grand Street to Main Street
  • Replacing portions of the existing sidewalks and pedestrian ramps between Main Street and Dewey Street

During Construction

The project areas will be closed to thru traffic. The project team will work hard to maintain access to your properties for those that live and work in the project area. Although there will be

Stay in the fast lane with road construction updates!

Stay in the fast lane with road construction updates!

limited times when access to homes or busineses is disrupted by the construction activity, we will make efforts to proactively communicate those disruptions to you.

The project team understands the concerns this creates for the business owners and community of Foley. The following steps have been taken to help alleviate some of the concerns:

  1. Temporary pedestrian walkways will be provided in areas where construction activities are not actively on-going.
  2. Alley’s in the area will remain open and will provide secondary access points for patrons, employees, and deliveries.