International Walk to School Day

Walk to School Day – City Hall Closed Until 9am

On Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019, hundreds of schools and thousands of Minnesota students, parents and community members will walk and bicycle to school in celebration of Walk to School Day.

Walk to School Day provides students and families the opportunity to reconnect with the simple joys of walking to school while reaping the benefits of increased physical activity, reduced traffic congestion, and arriving at school ready to learn.

Getting involved can be as simple as making an announcement over the school intercom or as involved as coordinating a neighborhood walk with your elected officials, parents, teachers, and community members. Either approach is fun and educational for students, parents and community members alike.

Schools interested in participating can register their event by Sept. 25 at in order to receive educational bookmarks, stickers, reflective zipper pulls, and other marketing materials for the day of the event.

For more information: Walk to School Day Minnesota