Minnesota United Acts of Kindness Week

Minnesota United Acts of Kindness Week

November 6-10, 2017 is Minnesota United Acts of Kindness Week.

We are humanKIND. Let’s share kindness, generosity, and love to make the world a little better each day. As a United Way advocate, we are CHALLENGING you to help us make Central Minnesota’s voice heard across the state.

Challenge yourself to ACT with KINDNESS! Please capture your acts of kindness – share on Facebook, tag @unitedwayofcentralminnesota and use #LiveUnitedMN.

What are you doing to show kindness?

Background about the Minnesota United Acts of Kindness Week . . . Inspired by the work of 40 Minnesota United Ways and several partners in the community, November 6-10 is Minnesota United Acts of Kindness Week. During this week, United Way of Central Minnesota is inviting everyone – volunteers, donors, community members and children – to intentionally exemplify kindness with the goal of helping to unify the community and to kick-start ongoing acts of kindness.

Ideas for kindness include:

  • For Employees: Give a note of appreciation to a co-worker; surprise someone with coffee; tape a note and coins to a vending machine; share praise; and take a new employee to lunch.
  • For Families and Kids: Bring extra supplies for your teacher; leave your neighbor a nice note; tell a friend how much you appreciate him/her; mail a family member a card; hold the door open for others; and make a family member’s bed.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” –Aesop. Express kindness to one another, spread the word about this effort and let’s show the rest of Minnesota how much we care.

THANK YOU for sharing your kindness.

Alexis Lutgen
Community Impact Coordinator

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